Testimonial (Client Story)

Read this testimonial on Qigong and Coaching benefits, from Vicki CT.

Getting Strong, Balanced and Peaceful.

Beatrice Appay is an authority on how to obtain balance and peace within and for yourself. 

Personal physical strength,  mental balance and peace. 

Benefits from 18 months of Qigong and Coaching

I began practicing Qi-Gong with Beatrice in April 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, a few months after my husband and partner of 23 years died from cancer at the age of 60 (he was 4 years younger than me).  

In these sessions I’m learning gentle movements to get grounded, balanced, and stronger. Becoming aware and connected to the strength within myself is the objective.

If you’re one who desires to strive and be better and overcome your current unwell or ailing bodies or any physiological, psychological obstacles you face (as thoughts do affect your physical being) then working with Beatrice will be a welcomed blessing.

Based on Science and Knowledge

Beatrice is a scientist, an anatomy expert, an experienced professional in her wellness craft. She has valuable attributes: abundant patience, compassion, empathy, kindness, determination, she is resolute and just, and possesses a whole bunch of knowledge and skills inherent and developed to be not only a valuable true professional but lovable, loved, and cherished.

She coaxes and nurtures your best self out of you, by practicing and following her guidance.

Type 1 Diabetes

I am a Type 1 diabetic and am 66 years young. The first physical issue I shared with Beatrice was tremendous pain in my left foot, plantar fasciitis. The medical doctor suggested a shot of cortisone, which would cause some havoc with my sugars. Beatrice recommended seeing an acupuncturist as a possible alternative, which I did. She gave me a referral and after 3 visits my foot was perfectly fine!

The past few months I’ve been on a glucose monitoring system. It tells me where my sugars levels are at, throughout the day, and my A1C has come down. Beatrice urged me to keep notes on the app so I’d better understand what brings on the swings. I’m doing better with that.

Being retired and alone I was also feeling quite a bit lost and unstructured. Beatrice steered me towards learning how to meditate. 10 minutes a day via an app she recommended, brilliant! 

Beatrice has given me affirmations and confidence in myself to tackle life’s ups and down. I’m becoming grounded, less of a ping-pong ball, and doing fine being solo, and I credit Beatrice.

The cold bath therapy I haven’t gotten into yet but it’s on my radar, am thoroughly convinced of its many benefits. Watch Beatrice… and you’ll see.

Did you know chicory in your morning cup of coffee is a prebiotic and good for diabetics? Beatrice does. Less meat (if you’re a carnivore like me), more plant food and taking an excellent brand of natural probiotics she recommended for a healthy belly and bowels. There’s also cortisol that plays a factor into what’s going on inside.

I feel alive again and grounded

Doing Qi-Gong and practicing with Beatrice has me feeling the best I’ve felt in a very long time to be alive. I am gaining roots in the ground and accepting and drawing power from the Universe above and that’s life affirming and a really good thing. 

Beatrice is a wellness coach and helps sort out and re-channel energies and thoughts and behaviors that are harmful. Even though you may know things you may not do it, without a coach. Beatrice is a guiding light and there’s no better human guiding light to be found.  Very grateful she, this fine human being, has come into my life. 

Long distance is not an issue

Though we reside 2,946 miles apart, benefits arrive through the space and distance.

Vicki G., CT

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