The Appay Method

“The best thing I can offer you is my own transformation and… yours”

Are you ready to create the life of your dreams? Recharge your energy and cultivate the mindset that is going to serve you?

Then Beatrice Appay is the right coach for you. Inspired by Wim Hof, the Ice Man, Beatrice loves to coach young entrepreneurial women and men who are ready for an uplifting change in their lives. And older ones as well who are ready for a change.

A lifelong yoga practitioner in France, India, and in the US, Beatrice Appay is known for her teaching of Pranayoga and Healing QiGong. These healing Arts nurture this tranquil and peaceful inner force we all dream of.

The Appay Services to Wellness and Longevity

The Appay Method entails Health Coaching with Holistic Treatments (including on demand Massage Therapy). It also integrates the teaching of ‘A LA CARTE’ self-care practices such as:


Pranayoga, Beatrice Appay demonstrating warrior 1


Beatrice performing qigon in Santa Barbara

Ice Bath

ice bath therapy with Beatrice


Woman breathing


Alternative medicine picture


Beatrice Appay_Yoga_Meditation-Cassis


Her treatments were often the only relief I could get for my eczema. And her massages are so deeply healing. She is an adept and passionate master of the Healing Arts, with an amazing capacity to nurture, always continuing to refine her craft, and seeking to help others. She is truly a gift!

Denise Dannemiller, L.Ac., Acupuncturist, Santa Barbara, 2022

I’ve attended Beatrice’s Qigong classes for many years. Beatrice Appay is a remarkable and engaging instructor. She incorporates her passion, knowledge and special humor into each session. I practice many of the movements I learned from her classes into my own regular routines. I whole-heartedly recommend Beatrice’s Qigong sessions to anyone interested in gentle movement to improve balance, flexibility and well-being.

Elizabeth A., Santa Barbara, 2022

Suffering from severe Polyarthritis with heavy treatments accompanied by side effects, I have had the chance to benefit from Beatrice Appay’s private yoga classes and wellness coaching for 18 months. Each class is adapted to my state of the day.
If I am in relatively good shape, we practice asanas that are well suited for me to regain my level in terms of muscle strength and flexibility.

Beatrice R., Paris, France, 2022

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