Qigong In Santa Barbara And Ventura With Beatrice Appay

Qigong In Santa Barbara With Beatrice Appay

Recharge your mental, physical and spiritual well-being through the transformative practice of Qigong. Learn how self-healing techniques from the past will enhance your future.

Our increasingly busy and demanding lives can leave us feeling depleted. If you’re looking for a way to recharge your body and mind, to live well and feel better, then the ancient practice of Qigong could be a way to improve your future self.

Through conscious breathing exercises and Tai Chi style slow movements, Qigong which is often considered as a form of moving meditation helps you to achieve inner balance. By promoting a harmonious flow of energy in the body, Qigong enhances your immune system, restores and optimises your health.

Your experienced Qigong teacher is Beatrice Appay who’s passionate about aging well. Beatrice is a lifelong yoga practitioner and an academic researcher. She has learned, practiced and is currently teaching the healing arts of traditional Chinese medicine practices such as Qigong, Tuina Massage, Acupressure (of form of Acupuncture without needles, as Feng Shui is for the space).

About Beatrice Appay, your Qigong teacher

Beatrice Appay is the founder of Younger By The Days and an experienced yoga practitioner, Qigong teacher and breathwork coach.

Originally from France, Beatrice spent years working in scientific research. After retiring from her academic life, Beatrice embraced a new career in an area that fuels her lifelong passion for health, wellbeing and personal development.

Inspired by her own healing journey, Beatrice studied traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy and Qigong with the aim of helping other’s in need of self-healing, knowing that Tai Chi and Qigong are tightly related.

Having discovered the many benefits of Qigong, yoga, meditation and breathwork for herself, Beatrice is passionate about sharing their transformative powers with her clients. She set up her company Younger By The Days LLC to empower people (especially women) to age well and thrive.

Now located in Santa Barbara, she coaches her clients and teaches forms of Qigong, breathing exercises, yoga and meditation. Beatrice passionately believes in the power of Qigong for improving your health and vitality.

Beatrice’s experience and qualifications

  • Certified Qigong Instructor, Les Temps du Corps, Paris & Hebei Qigong Hospital, China
  • Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor, Wim Hof Method Academy
  • Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP1000) and Certified Massage Therapist CMT 550 (CAMTC #79720), SBBTI (Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute)
  • Certified Ruchpaul Yoga Teacher, Institut Eva Ruchpaul, Paris
  • Certified 500 Yoga Teacher, RYT500, Yoga Alliance, Brett Larkin
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy (Tuina) Ecole Lumen, Aix en Provence
  • PhD, MAPsy, Université de la Sorbonne, Paris-Cité, France.
Beatrice Appay Qigong

The benefits of Qigong

Qigong exercises optimize energy within the body, mind, and spirit, improving and maintaining health and wellbeing. Qigong comprises psychological and physical components. It focuses on regulating the mind, breathing, body movement, posture and balance.

Why practice Qigong?

Qi means energy or life-force and Gong means work or practice. So, the practice of Qigong is about cultivating your life force. It optimizes well-being. Qigong exercises will help you to reset, regain and improve your stamina and energy. Picture yourself full of vitality.

Other positive benefits include:

  • decreased anxiety
  • less pain
  • better sleep
  • enhanced physical and mental functions
  • improved balance and fall reduction.

Qigong combines intentional and specific movements with meditation (in a similar way to Tai Chi and other traditional Eastern martial arts). By practicing Qigong regularly, you’ll soon notice differences in your well-being. You’ll start to relax and feel less stressed. You’ll notice improvements in your physical health and posture. You’ll feel more energized.

Qigong promotes balance, harmony, and overall well-being. Balance is a key theme. Physically, Qigong will improve your balance and make falls less likely. It will also help your mental and emotional inner balance, enabling you to feel less stressed. Think of it as a powerful act of self-care.

As the Institute of Integral Qigong (IIQTC)puts it,

“Any form of Qigong has an effect on the cultivation of balance and harmony of Qi, positively influencing the human energy complex (Qi channels/pathways) which functions as a holistic, coherent and mutually interactive system.”

On a more personal note, a client of Beatrice named Vicki says,

“Taking Qi Gong classes with Beatrice Appay is, for me, a marvelous experience. Following her guidance for 30 minutes a week, I feel uplifted mentally, physically, and emotionally.”

People often confuse Qigong and Tai Chi classes. Both originated in China to improve health and well-being. Tai Chi is a martial art and part of its practice is considered a form of Qigong exercise. Like Tai Chi, medical Qigong is about simple movements, deep breathing and relaxation but its main aim is to improve health and it is specifically a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tailored Qigong classes in Santa Barbara

Beatrice Appay offers personalized Qigong classes in Santa Barbara, Ventura or online. Her classes are intimate – either small groups or one-to-one sessions. Beatrice believes in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. That’s why she takes time to understand your individual needs, and she provides a tailored approach to teaching Qigong.

Beatrice’s Qigong classes take place in person or online via zoom. In person classes are held in the park, at the beach or in your home – whichever is most convenient and preferred by you.

All levels are welcome to join the tailored Qigong classes in Santa Barbara. There are no prerequisites or requirements.

Level 1: beginners

Beatrice performing qigon in Santa Barbara

Level 2: Intermediate


Level 3: advanced (3 years+ of practice)


Beatrice Appay’s unique teaching methodology

Beatrice treats her clients as individuals. There’s no cookie-cutter approach to teaching here. She creates personalized programs and sessions tailored to your specific needs. You’re guaranteed to have an enriching and empowering experience.

Beatrice’s most popular Qigong class is her special Appay Method Combo. It’s a unique combination of Qigong exercises with moving meditation and breathing techniques. It equips you with easy-to-use tools and techniques to reduce anxiety and stress in your daily life.

Another client favorite is Beatrice’s Qigong and Wellness Coaching course. Wellness is a broad term and each client will have different expectations and priorities. Whilst one person may hope to tackle their raised stress levels or gain a better emotional balance, or lose weight, or reduce aches and pain, another may want to target issues with their immune system or nervous system and their sleep. Beatrice’s tailored approach to teaching means that courses are adapted to meet your needs.

Class schedule and locations

Beatrice Appay’s Qigong classes are tailored to your needs. Qigong is recommended for anyone, regardless of ability. Consequently, they are run by appointment only.

How do you prefer to learn? In person or via Zoom? By yourself or in a small group? And where? You can decide whether to have the session in the privacy of your own home or to benefit from in person instruction out in the open air.

Qigong is often practiced outside, in nature, as its focus is on drawing upon the life force and energy (“qi”) that surrounds us and that is inside of us. Standing on the grass or sand helps to ground us in our self-healing practice.

You choose your location – at home/ in the park/ at the beach in Santa Barbara or Ventura.

You choose your set up – small group or one-to-one, face-to-face or online.

“Her outdoor classes are a slice of heaven.” – Elizabeth, Santa Barbara

Beatrice Appay Qigong on the beach

Pricing and packages

New to Qigong? Beatrice offers a free 20 minute consultation for newcomers. You’ll get a taste of her engaging approach and you’ll have a chance to discuss your questions and intentions.

Beatrice’s wealth of experience brings countless rewards to your wellbeing. Her tailored programs are created to meet your very specific needs.

As Beatrice’s programs are tailored rather than standard, prices vary.  Please contact Beatrice to find out more.

How to get started

If you’re ready to start your Qigong program, please contact Beatrice. She’d be delighted to discuss your aims and your specific requirements.

Take your next step towards better wellbeing, better balance and better health today.

Call Beatrice on 805 637 6191 or send her an email via youngerbythedays@gmail.com

Qigong Classes in Santa Barbara

 with Beatrice Appay

at the Yoga Soup 

Qigong in Santa Barbara at the Yoga Soup