Meditation Practice in Santa Barbara

Meditation Practice in Santa Barbara

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Meditation is an ancient practice - there’s evidence that it dates back to the earliest civilizations.

It’s best known as a Buddhist custom essential to the Dharma, the Buddha’s teaching about the nature of reality, with the cultivation of stillness and emptiness to discover the inner realm of Bliss. But it’s used across an array of religions and cultures. Though often perceived as an Eastern practice, the Old Testament has its version of it: contemplation. “Be Still and know that I am God.”

Meditating Beatrice Appay

People have been incorporating focused periods of stillness into their lives for centuries, even more so nowadays. It is no longer the exclusive script of religious practices. It has flourished into the non-religious world of contemporary societies. But why?

Beyond the sangha, meditation has blossomed on the map of modernity with many for-profit or non-profit meditation centers worldwide. Supported by Science and prestigious University Research Labs, it has demonstrated its efficacy repeatedly. It is no longer your spiritual friend who is recommending you to practice meditation, but it’s your doctor to help you cope with the speed and chaos of modern life and reduce your stress and anxiety. Meditation has become a mainstream well-being practice, way beyond religion, and you don’t have to follow any religious tradition to enjoy its benefits, whatever the level or the depth you want to take it to.

You’re probably aware of meditation as a technique to reduce stress and anxiety. But that’s only one of the many benefits to your mental and physical health. Here, you’ll discover the benefits of meditation and what’s involved.

What is meditation?

Meditation involves spending time with your mind intentionally. It’s a time to stop and focus on your breath. Connecting with the present moment will make you more aware of your thoughts and headspace. Meditation doesn’t switch off those thoughts but allows you to sit with them and feel comfortable inside your head. You will learn to become the observer rather than the judge.

What are the benefits of a meditation practice?

Daily life can be chaotic and busy, messy even. But taking time out for mindfulness meditation can transform your overall health and wellness. Here are eight great benefits of meditation practice.

meditation reduces stress

Reducing Stress

Meditation and mindfulness have been proven as powerful antidotes to stress, reducing levels of stress hormones like cortisol.

meditation overcoming anxiety

Overcoming anxiety

Researchers at Stanford University concluded that meditation, in particular, when combined with breathwork, is particularly effective at reducing stress and improving mood, leaving sufferers better able to cope [source: National Library of Medicine].

meditation and emotional health

Improving emotional health

Depressive symptoms like negative thought patterns and poor self-belief can be reduced.

meditation feeling more compassionate

Feeling more compassionate

Meditation promotes a sense of calm, enabling you to feel kinder and more compassionate to yourself and others.

meditation and focus

Gaining better focus and clarity

Giving your mind a workout with meditation can improve its strength and endurance. Instead of feeling like your head’s spinning or your mind’s wandering, you’ll have a clearer train of thought. This is one of the reasons why it can be particularly beneficial for neuro-divergent brains.

meditation and sleep pattern

Improving sleep patterns

Being able to calm your mind and relax your body aids sleep. You may find that you sleep for longer and find it easier to get to sleep in the first place.

meditation for low blood pressure

Lowering blood pressure

Being able to calm your mind and relax your body aids sleep. You may find that you sleep for longer and find it easier to get to sleep in the first place.

meditation and inner calm

Deepening inner calm

When you no longer feel stressed and out of control of your emotional and mental health, you’ll discover peace and tranquility.

How long should I meditate for?

Ideally, find time in your daily life for meditation. Start with a 5-10 minute practice, and you can build on that as you get used to it. In time, you may meditate for as long as an hour. A meditation coaching class is a great starting point. Attending once a week for the first three months is a good idea.

A real bonus of meditation is that you can do it anywhere, even on the move. You could use your commute time to meditate or end your day with the ritual before bed. While being away from distractions when you meditate is preferable, it doesn’t have to be totally without noise. For example, background noise will inevitably occur if you’re taking time to meditate while on a bus journey. If you can’t be in an utterly silent environment, stay in the present moment with your thoughts and/or inner silence. When you want clarity and to feel mentally free, meditation will be the tool you turn to.

What happens during a meditation session?

At Younger by the Days, we offer guided meditation coaching in group or one-to-one sessions. It’s helpful for beginners as a qualified teacher will explain what you need to do. That may be when to open or close your eyes, how to focus on your breath, or whether to sit, stand or lie down. Drawing on their experience, they’ll be able to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable and assured.

We offer two types of meditation coaching.

1. Mindfulness meditation

woman in meditation mode

Mindfulness meditation is all about being in the present moment and fully aware of your thoughts. You’re not trying to stop your thoughts; quite the opposite. Your mind may inevitably wander during your meditation practice. But mindfulness meditation encourages you to gently return your attention to your breath and let the thought go.

Mindfulness meditation at Younger by the Days is tailored to your unique needs. Beatrice Appay specializes in cultivating mindfulness, helping you navigate the challenges of daily life with calmness and clarity.

2. Meditation with Breathwork and Pranayama Sessions

woman practicing meditation

Meditation with Breathwork and Pranayama Sessions will help you to understand how breathing exercises can benefit your mental and physical health. ‘Prana’ means breath, while ‘ayama’ relates to expansion and lengthening.

With your experienced teacher to guide you, you can realize the full potential of breathwork and its transformational power. Experience the profound benefits of conscious breathing. Learn techniques that enhance vitality, reduce stress, and promote overall mental and physical well-being.


Why choose Younger by the Days?

√ Our individualized approach

Each session is crafted to address your specific goals and challenges, ensuring a personalized and practical meditation experience.

√ Expert guidance

Beatrice Appay, our seasoned meditation coach, combines traditional wisdom with modern practices to provide a comprehensive and enriching coaching experience.

√ Flexible scheduling

We understand the demands of your busy life. Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling private classes at a time that suits you best.

√ Embark on your journey

Begin your mindful meditation journey with Beatrice. Each session is an opportunity for growth, self-discovery, and a step towards a more centered and fulfilling life. Look forward in particular for her mindful heart programs.


Beatrice’s coaching has brought a sense of calm and focus to my hectic life. Her approach is nurturing and effective.

Mary L.

I never thought meditation could be so accessible and transformative. Beatrice has a gift for making mindfulness a practical part of everyday life

Cecile B.

Meditation with Beatrice Appay

If you want to get started with your meditation practice, contact Beatrice Appay for expert advice and guidance. Schedule your initial consultation with Beatrice Appay. We’ll discuss your goals and customize a program that aligns with your needs.

Join Beatrice for individual or group practice sessions in California's Ventura, Montecito, and Santa Barbara areas.

Beatrice holds meditation classes online (over Zoom) or in person; each coaching class lasts 55 minutes.

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