Getting younger by the days

Hello Boomers and Gen Xers! Feeling any aches and pains today? Taking more painkillers and sleeping pills?

Aging is certainly not a piece of cake; however it can also be an opportunity. Aging is challenging but interesting. Sometimes because of so many health issues we are cornered and we have to find solutions by ourselves. We are obliged to become more aware of what is happening to us.

Maybe you are tempted to take a deep breath and look the other way. Or you could consider with me that aging isn’t just an inexorable process of decline. Instead, it can be a fascinating opportunity to explore, to learn and understand, to find new paths and discover new ways of recovering and maintaining your health. If that strikes a chord with you, welcome to the club! We’re in this together and it is time for action!

The eternal youth?

Does it mean always chasing eternal youth? Certainly not!

Some people are lucky enough to go through life without suffering their share of illnesses, maintaining high levels of energy, without having to think about themselves and about what good health means.

Well, that was certainly not my case. I had my share of illnesses from a very young age. I had to fight, to learn to become proactive to recover my health. And this has never been a given. So, yes I’m a survivor in many ways and I want to share with you my personal experiences, my latest adventures and the amazing things I have discovered along the way.

Surprisingly enough, despite my 65+ years of age and despite all my white hair (that I actually love), I feel I’m getting younger by the day. Not always of course; I have my down days, like everyone else, but often enough to be intrigued by this sensation of feeling younger.

Recovering and nurturing Health, working hard at it and enjoying it all


Over the years I have explored many paths, and Yoga is certainly one of the best. It’s been my reliable companion for the past 40 years. Finally, I trained as a Yoga teacher because of one desire: after retiring, I wanted to share with others what has been so important for me along the way.

Chinese Medicine and Qigong

Another path became crucial to me: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the practice of Qigong.

I discovered these much later in life, after suffering through a number of serious health issues. Following the same pattern, after practicing Qigong for a few years, I finally trained as a Qigong Instructor (first in Paris and then later graduated in China).I started practicing Acupuncture after having been trained in TCM in the beautiful medieval city of Aix en Provence in the South of France. I was also lucky enough to learn herbology, Yang Sheng, dietetics, Tuina and Auriculo-therapy. The discovery of this ancient field of knowledge – that we (most Westerners) have been completely cut off from and remain almost completely ignorant of – has been a continuous source of pleasure, a feast for the brain, for my whole being and for my health.

I must acknowledge that the first beneficiary of this all has been ME! It has been hard work to study TCM and there is still a lot to learn and explore, but it has been worthwhile not only for the sheer pleasure of knowledge but also for the direct benefits to my own health.

Massage Therapy

I recently moved to California where I could not practice Acupuncture. I had to find a new avenue of therapy/wellbeing, so I qualified as a Massage Therapist at the SBBTI where TCM is highly praised and integrated in many massage techniques. To my great pleasure and surprise, I discovered how much I enjoy massages, to give and to receive. For 8 solid months I received at least 2 massages a week and I gave many more. Despite very intense physical work often working from 9 am till 9 pm, my energy levels remained high and stable! So yes, I became a fan of massages and I want to share this new passion of mine with you!

My new motto is

If everybody was receiving a massage a week, the world would be a better place!

Why the hell am I doing this blog???

Well that is a good question! I wonder… And at the same time it is becoming obvious now. I always wanted to share my discoveries. First of all, I was a researcher and author by profession, so my personal and professional lives have been coherent with this fact. I am also an adventurer, an explorer and the least I can do is to leave some trace behind, as a contribution to society. Furthermore, writing has always been a second nature from a very young age.

So here I am writing my first blog post for you. Join me in my journey to aging well!

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