Qigong in Santa Barbara *Master Class*

Qigong in Santa Barbara *Master Class* on East Beach.

Energy Workshop Series, Level 1.

Learn how to practice Qigong, the Art of cultivating your life force and its rejuvenating capacities with Beatrice Appay.

About this event

Younger By The Days and Santa Barbara Beach Yoga

bring you a series of 3 Qigong Master Classes in Santa Barbara. It is a unique opportunity to create your own Qigong daily practice.

The benefits of Qigong

Qigong combines conscious breathing with slow and energy-healing physical movements that have an instant pacifying effect on the mind. It is known for its positive effects in :

  • decreasing pain, anxiety and chronic stress,
  • enhancing physical and mental functions,
  • improving balance for fall prevention,
  • improving sleep and self healing.

Dates : Tuesdays November 8, November 15, November 22, 2022

Time : 12:15 – 1:30 pm PST

Duration: 75′

Location: East Beach, Santa Barbara

Your will be informed of the precise location on East Beach upon registration.

Tickets price :

$38 drop in for each workshop or $93 for the package of the 3 workshops.

Program :

The practice will be based on :

  • KeWen 20 movements, a very efficient and accessible series of gentle movements particularly suited for beginners,
  • 8 Brocades of Silk (Ba Duan Jin), one of the most well known Qigong practice in the world.

This practice, led by Beatrice Appay herself, will be followed by explanations and a time for Q&As.

Free gift:

All 3 workshop practices will be recorded and each participant will receive the video within 48h. In this manner you will be able to keep practicing. Each video will be available for a limited time of one month.

Online Special : Live on Instagram @beatriceappay

The number of tickets is limited.

Reserve your space now!

(to benefit from the bundle price of 3 workshops for $93 only, select the first date when checking out: November 8th)


For further information, contact directly:



Beatrice Appay, PhD, is an Alternative Health Professional and Educator, founder of Younger By the Days. Trained and Certified as a Qigong Instructor in Paris, France and China (Hebei Qigong Hospital, Beidaihe). Beatrice Appay is known in Santa Barbara as a wellness coach and for her teaching of Healing Qigong, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork inspired by Wim Hof, Oxygen Advantage and Pranayama. She also provides Acupressure Treatments and Integrated Massage Therapies with Cranio-Sacral to her private clients.

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