Qigong in Santa Barbara

A Healing Art

Qigong is a powerful healing practice to regain stamina and harmony. It combines conscious breathing with slow movements that have an instant pacifying effect on the mind.

The Moving Meditation

Qigong is often considered as a moving meditation that integrates breathwork to gentle, slow, harmonious, well balanced movements. It has a deep trans-formative effect on the body and the mind.

Nurture your balance

Qigong is particularly suited for you if you want to become well balanced and more flexible, stronger and calmer. Inner-peace and joy are also definitely part of the deal! 

Dissolve energetic blockages

Beatrice Appay’s excellent teaching will introduce you to this Ancient Healing Art that originated in China and that is becoming the new “Must-D0-it” for many in the Western World. Based on the knowledge of  how the energy circulates in the body, a regular practice of Qigong will help you to dissolve energetic blockages that provoke so many pains and ailments. 

Qigong 101 in Santa Barbara 

101 Qigong is a 45 minutes introductory class that will be tailored to your needs, for you alone or for you and friends and family.

Our offer starts at 120$ up to 4 participants, with a special gift included: a recording of this special class made for you for replays up to one week.

The class will take place in the Park or at the Beach in Santa Barbara, or at a location of your choice.

To reserve your spot contact directly the organizer:


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