Breathing Masterclass

Breathing Masterclass


“Practice the Art of Breathing, Ancient and Modern”


Why learn how to master your own breathing?

Everybody knows how to breathe, of course. This is the first thing we do when we are born, and we know spontaneously how to breathe. No need to think about it twice. However, everybody can notice that their breath changes and fluctuates according to different situations, emotions and thoughts. It is crystal clear that our natural breathing reflects what is happening to us, outside us and inside us.

In turn, can we control our breath to change how we react to a situation: feel, think and/or act? HOW TO REACT OR RESPOND? Can we change our physiology through controlled breathing? The answer is a big YES! It is true that our breathing is activated by our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) but it is also true that our Central Nervous System (CNS) can control the way we breathe. We can definitely influence the way we react to different situations by mastering our breathing. And this double path between our brain and our lungs has many consequences.


It is well known and scientifically demonstrated that mastering our breathing can:

  • reduce our stress, calm our mind and increase mental clarity
  • Boost our immune system and activate metabolism
  • re-balance our body’s autonomic systems (sympathetic and parasympathetic)
  • harmonize communication between our heart and our brain


This program has been created and designed by Beatrice Appay during the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders to help people learn to breathe deeply and more efficiently. It is based on fundamental exercises and practices stemming from ancient traditions such as yogic breathing – Pranayama – and Qigong breathing. It also relies on modern tools such as Biofeedback, Cardiac Coherence, the “Ice Man” Wim Hof Method and others. These particular forms of Active Breathing are essential to maintain good health, stimulate the immune system, develop lung capacity, activate the production of red blood cells, increase our oxygen intake and much more. It is of particular importance in these pandemic times, with viruses that attacks the lungs as a primary target.

Organization: online or in person interactive teaching. Preliminary Session and 3 session modules

The Masterclass involves one preliminary one-hour session followed by 3 session modules.

Introduction to Breathing

A Preliminary session will introduce you to this program and show you how and why breathwork can be beneficial for you.

The Master series

The 3 session modules are organized in different tracks of Master Series according to your specific needs and goals, whether you are discovering breathwork or a seasoned practitioner.

  1. The fundamental series
  2. The Calm series
  3. The Active series
  4. The Qigong series


Introduction to Breathing

During this Preliminary session and after a brief introduction to the physiology and anatomy of breathing, you will start practicing abdominal and diaphragmatic breathing, the basis of all breathwork, combined with Ujjayi, the victory breath, one of the most ancient breathing exercises. This simple exercise will give you direct feedback when practicing by yourself at home.

diaphragm in chest

Breathing Foundations

The Fundamental Series is for those who want to start at the beginning, to build solid foundations to their deep breathing practices.

Breathing for Calm

The Calm series is aimed primarily at reducing stress and anxiety and to enhance meditative practices. This series is also recommended for those with circulatory/ respiratory issues such as high blood pressure.

breathing buddha _

Breathing for Action

The Active series is dedicated to those whose goal is to improve their capacities for action and performance (e.g. athletes or anybody who wants to overcome their limitations).

Qigong Breathing

The Qigong series focuses on breathing whilst moving. Qi and breathing are deeply interrelated, whether we move or stay still. Qigong breathing is very efficient in unlocking energy centers that are blocked in the body and to free the flow of breathing as much as the flow of body movement.

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