Earth Day Qigong

Special Earth Day Qigong!

Do you want more balance? Do you want to grow your inner joy, strength and fluidity? Qigong with Beatrice is what you need!

Younger By The Days is offering you 30’ minutes qigong classes, Friday, April 22. Three sessions in total during the day:

Qigong with Beqtrice Appay


Reserve the Date: Friday, April 22 ! Register on Eventbrite to have more details and the precise locations. (Click above on the time and location of your choice)

These sessions are open to the public, free of charge. Donations are accepted. All donations will be given to Explore Ecology and to Food from the Heart of Santa Barbara.

Earth Day is the perfect day to practice together and blend with nature with an exceptional healing and restorative practice that originated in China thousands of years ago. Qi means energy, life force. Gong means work, practice, cultivation.

Qigong is the Art of cultivating your life force and breathe.


Spread the word!

You can also follow these 30’ events Live on Instagram @beatriceappay

See you then, either online or in person!

Q&As will be held after the class with Beatrice Appay.

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