The Appay Method Coaching & Integrated Massage Therapy

Aging Well Coaching & Integrated Massage Therapy

Beatrice Appay is truly an all-encompassing gifted healer. I have been searching for over a year for help to heal a head injury and I found Beatrice. With each treatment, I feel my body more in balance with my nervous system, pain relief and overall function. I sleep well and feel more energetic. She went beyond the Cranio-Sacral Therapy my doctor recommended, as she is well versed in other bodywork such as massage and acupressure. Her diverse expertise helped her pick up liver and pancreas dysfunction. I am forever grateful.

Trisha, Santa Barbara, June 2021

`` My experience is grounded in practice as well as modern and ancient knowledge about health, energy cultivation and longevity.``

The Appay Method Coaching

Is pain holding you back from thriving in life ? Is your Energy level going up and down? Are you feeling like a yoyo? Going from one extreme to the other? Did you try many avenues to solve your problems and found no real answers and solutions ? You cannot lose weight despite your efforts and sleep poorly? Then, the Appay Method Coaching (AMC) is made for you.

The Appay Method Coaching will empower you to take control of your life and be in the driving sit. It is grounded in practice and in the learning of scientifically proven transformative techniques and transformational tools.

When necessary, and in particular with serious cases, the Appay Method Coaching,  will start with an Intake session for an energetic evaluation of your situation, followed by an integrated treatment to complete the evaluation. Then most AMC sessions will include:

  1. a first part dedicated to a time of open communication, the building of trust and in depth teaching about what you need to learn to heal and feel better;
  2. a second part dedicated to self-healing practices that are well established and that can offer physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. If you’re going through an illness, recovering from surgery, living with a chronic condition or  if you just want to transform your life and get back for good into the driving sit for the next phase of your life, these practices will be the solid ground and roots of your transformation.
    Based on science, yoga and qigong as much as other ancient and modern practices , the Appay Method can become an integral part of your transformation and potentially hasten healing.
    They can include, as needed:
    1. acupressure and tapping
    2. restorative yoga
    3. healing qigong
    4. meditation
    5. breathing therapy
    6. cold exposure
    7.  and +

Initially trained as  a Clinical Psychologist and Educator (Masters degree and BA. Ed from the Sorbonne, Paris), and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beatrice Appay holds a Massage Therapist Certification from the CAMTC (California Massage Therapy Council) and a 1000HHP, Holistic Health Practitioner from the SBBTI, the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute.

Restorative Yoga & Healing Qigong

A lifelong yoga practitioner for over 40 years and a Certified Yoga Teacher (from Institut Eva Ruchpaul, Paris) Beatrice Appay is a 500RYT (Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher with Uplifted and Yoga Alliance, USA). She also learned Ayurvedic health regimens in India ( Kannur College of Ayurveda, Kerala, and Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute & Research Center, Pune), studied and practiced yoga in Rishikesh.

Professionally trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Lumen, France, she also received her training from great TCM masters such as Philippe Sionneau in Paris, the late Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan and Dr Young Weih Chieh in Los Angeles.

In Qigong she has received great Masters Mantak Chia and Chun Yi Lin teaching. She was initially certified as a Qigong Teacher in Paris, Les Temps du Corps with Master Ke Wen and in China from National Medical Qigong Hospital and Training Centre in Beidaihe, with Master Liu Ya Fei, 7th family successor of the Nei Yang Gong Medical Qigong method.

Breathing Therapy

As a response to the Coronavirus Pandemic  The Appay Method includes an online interactive Breathing program called “PRABAM” drawing from Beatrice Appay’s:

  • 40 years of practice of the Yogic Art of Breathing (Pranayama)
  • and her practice of Qigong Breathing in the mediative movements, harmonizing the body, the mind and the breath
  • more recent breathwork practices based on experience and science and promoted by:
    • the Wim Hof  Method (the IceMan), a breathing method that develops the power of the mind, enhance stamina, strength and health;
    • the Heartmath Institute that developed the Cardiac Coherence Breathing technique to enhance Coherence, a state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation. This practice is of particular importance for Covid long-haul patients.


The Appay Method Coaching (in person or online)

The Appay Method Coaching Program (AMCP) is tailored to each person’s needs and goals. It combines:

  • Empowerment Coaching
  • Cutting edge Self-Care techniques
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle guidance
  • Breathing Master Classes: one-on-one
  • Restorative Yoga and/or Healing Qigong: one-on-one
  • In-Home Integrated Massage Therapy usually paired with Cranio-Sacral Therapy as needed
  • Other services on referral.

A special 2-week Introduction Coaching Program (ICP) includes, online or in person:

  • 1 introduction/intake session (90 min)
  • 1 integrated massage therapy treatment, when appropriate (90 min)
  • 1 coaching session (90 min)
  • 1 private Healing Qigong class, acupressure included: (60 min)
  • 1 private Restorative Yoga class : (60 min)
  • 1 private Breathing class (30 min)

Integrated Massage Therapy

Specializing in:

60 min: $120; 75 min: $150;  90 min: $180

  • $75 are added for in-home services within 10 miles radius .
  • Other additional material and products such as Essentiel oils are not included
Beatrice's hands. Photo by Laura Luongo

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