Healing Qigong

Qigong, the Art of cultivating your life-force

Qigong is world-renowned practice, a powerful healing Art to reset, regain, maintain your stamina at the highest level. It is known as the Cutting Edge of Well-Being.

How to regain and maintain health?

Beatrice Appay Qigong

Qi means energy, life-force and Gong means work, practice. Qigong is the Ancient Art of cultivating the life-force. It was developed in China thousands of years ago as an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Moving Meditation: the body-mind-breathing connection

Often called the moving meditation, it combines conscious breathing with slow movements that have an instant pacifying effect on the mind.

The healing benefits of Qigong are many

Qigong is known for its positive effects  :

  • decreased anxiety
  • pain reduction,
  • sleep improvement
  • enhancement of physical and mental functions,
  • improved balance and fall reduction.

A regular practice

A regular practice is recommended : at least 3 times a week with 30 to 60 minute sessions each.

Qigong in Santa Barbara

You want to find balance in your life, strength and inner-peace? Qigong is what you need. Beatrice Appay is a Master Teacher who will help you to regain fluidity and dissolve energetic blockages that provoke so many ailments and chronic pains, and often prevent to thrive in life. She will introduce you to this meditative practice that includes conscious breathing and gentle, slow, harmonious, well-balanced movements.

Learning Qigong takes time, give yourself the time.

Qigong near me : in person or online classes, events and live broadcasts

We teach Qigong mainly in private sessions on demand.

We also organize:

  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Community Qigong in Santa Barbara and events in the park or by the seaside,
  • Live Qigong broadcast on Zoom, Instagram & Facebook.
  • Corporate Events

How to book a session or event?

To book your session(s) or event, online or in person, contact directly:


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